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a stall blocking. >>> train tracks in the central valley closed following amtrak crash and derailment, amtrak hoped to have the tracks back open by 5 a.m., that has not happened. video shows the scene in kings county. let's go to kira klapper. >> reporter: as you mentioned that deadline came and went a spokesperson only saying that deadline to reopen damaged tracks in the central valley has been pushed to "later this morning." that's all they are saying this after yesterday's crash that lead to this scene, big rig driver failing to yield, hitting an amtrak train traveling south of fresno. the impact pushed two passenger cars and the locomotive off the tracks. 20 of the roughly 170 passengers traveling from oakland to bakersfield suffered minor to moderate injuries. the driver of the big rig was pinned inside the cab, was removed safely and wasn't seriously injured. investigators state crash happened at a crossing that does have gates to stop traffic. >> initial reports to us from witnesses state the arms were down as you know we will do an extensive investigation and determine that. >
of the second crash that happened 17 miles northeast of the afternoon crash, the amtrak train crash. that train left this oakland amtrak station at 7:30 this morning. now it was just about an hour away from its bakersfield destination when that crash happened. a semi tractor-trailer rig plowing into the side of the tra train leaving that train in a piece of metal. it is equipped with warning lines and gates and the mechanical arms at that crossing were down and in good working order at the time of the crash. dozens of people were hurt but no serious injuries among the 169 passengers and four crew members on board. we spoke with a man who said he almost took that train and we talked with passengers who were on board describing it as quite the squacare. >> i thought a bomb went off. today's day in age, you just wonder. i got this force on the side of my head and my arm. and it knocked me sideways to my left and covered in dirt and insulation and you couldn't see anything. >> i feel blessed. i feel like god had a hand in it absolutely. it wouldn't do me good to be stranded any way. this is a bette
disappeared yesterday. two other men made it to shore safely. >>> an amtrak train out of oakland derailed this afternoon after it was hit by a big rig in the central valley. 42 people were taken to hospitals complaining of injury. amtrak says the train was carrying 169 passengers and four crew members from oakland to bakers field when the truck pushed through the crossing bars and hit the train. passengers on the train were terrified and we spoke to one woman on board who described a chaotic scene. >> you couldn't see anything it was just all dusty and you know you're breathing in all that dirt. and you know people start coughing and i mean screaming, crying. and it was horrible. >> reporter: all of the injuries from today's crash were said to be minor. four years ago at this same location 33 people were injured when an amtrak train was struck by a truck carrying lemons. we will go live for an update on theinvestigation that is still under way at this hour. >>> about three hours after today's crash there was a second incident involving a train not far away. investigators say a hay truck
sunshine around the bay mid 80s to mid 90s inland 93 to 101. >>> developing news this just in from amtrak crews hoped to have the tracks open now following that crash and derailment in the central valley. kira klapper is in oakland. are they going to meet that reopening timeline? >> reporter: they sure are. now amtrak's spokes people are saying the opening will be later this morning. very vague from that 5 a.m. deadline they had originally hoped for. we have video from yesterday's crash when a big rig driver failed to yield and hit an amtrak train traveling south of fresno. the impact pushed two passenger cars and locomotive off the tracks, 20 of the 170 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. the driver of the big rig was pinned inside the car, removed and somehow wasn't seriously injured. investigators say the crash happened at a crossing equipped with gates to stop traffic. >> initial reports to us from witnesses state the -- [ inaudible ] we will do an extensive investigation and determine that one way or the other. >> reporter: while the investigation continues so do final re
. >>> all right. it is 6:09. it will be later this morning before amtrak trains can run between hanford and bakersfield in the san joaquin valley. tracks closed for repairs after two different railroad crashes involving big rigs. ironically, a big rig slammed into a freight train in hanford. the truck driver had minor injuries there. earlier yesterday, there was another crash about 15 miles away. about 40 passengers on that amtrak train were hurt none seriously. it was going from oakland to bakersfield. the driver didn't cross at the stopping gate and slammed into the train, according to police. >> how did you not see that the train was crossing, the arms were down, i don't know if there's any indication of any use of alcohol or drugs. >> the truck driver was trapped in his rig for about an hour after that crash. no word on why he didn't stop for the train. >>> american airlines has engineers in new york checking the seats on 8 boeing 757 jets. the inspections were ordered after two incidents where rowings of seats came loose from airplane floors yesterday on a flight from new york to m
, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with our continuing coverage of this afternoon's amtrak train crash that injured dozens of people. the train originated in oakland. it collided with a truck in the central valley. the crash happened about 30 miles south of fresno. officials say a big rig struck the side of the train at a rail crossing de railing it. you'll see that train tipped over at about a 45-degree angle. one woman on that train de scribes the accident as a horrifying or deal. >> you couldn't see anything. it was just all people start coughing and everyone screaming and crying. it was just -- it was horrible. >> the woman said she was bruised and sore but had no broken bones. the fresno bee reports a total of 42 injuries. officials tell us none are life threatening. amtrak is using buss now to get those passengers down to bakersfield. >>> we have new information about a grass fire that burned. cal fire now tells us the flame burned three homes. reports started coming in just after 4:00 p.m. of a fire along highway 115. at this hour crews have shut down a one or two-mile stretch o
near hanford with reports of major injuries and another track with an amtrak train in the same area as a truck failed to yield at a gated crossing and pushed at least one car off the cracks. most people suffered minor to moderate injuries. those who weren't hurt were put on another train. >>> a murder trial underway for a woman accused of killing her long time friend out of jealous. alyssa harrington was in the courtroom for the opening arguments. >> reporter: this morning, we only heard from the prosecution. the deputy district attorney telling the jury that giselle esteban is guilty of first- degree murder and she stalked sticks-year-old michelle le and planned her death. supporters were at opening statements wearing pins with le's picture on them. the district attorney said she was obsessed that the former lover and father of her daughter was dating le or spending too much time with her when they were just friends. we learned that esteban stole an id bag to gain access to the kaiser hospital where le worked and saw dozens of phone records detailing calls to the hospital and the u
been found to contain arsenic, and even rat poison. >>> a new report finds amtrak employees are failing drug and alcohol tests at a much higher rate than the rest of the rail industry. the audit from amtrak's office of inspector general found amtrak employees are failing the test at a 51% higher rate than the industry average. the majority of employees who fail drug tests tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. >>> governor brown is green lighting forms to red light cameras. he signed a new law that sets uniform standards for red light cameras. they must be installed at locations to ensure safety, not for cities to raise revenues. warning signs must be posted within 200 feet of a camera and it will be easier for drivers to challenge tickets. palo alto state senator joe siminian authored the legislation. >>> for the second year the governor is vitoing a bill that would raise the fine for illegal use of cell phones. it would increase the base fine from $20 to $30. governor brown says he believes the current fines and penalties which can get as high as 33 sixes are already a powerful de
was killed at another store on mcarthur boulevard. >>> cleanup efforts after a horrible amtrak train crash which was headed to oakland from bakersfield. it crashed into a big-rig and derailed. investigation continues this morning. and celebrating the oakland a's, they are going to the playoffs. they beat the texas rangers and they have claimed a wildcard spot in the playoffs, but they also have a chance to be division champs in they beat them today and tomorrow. >>> six crew members from passenger boats that collided killing at least 37 people. it happened during the fireworks show. more than 100 people were thrown off the boat into the water. it's being called one of the deadliest from hong kong. they were detained on suspect suspicions. >>> it happened years ago today. now one of them says he regrets his actions. >> i am not a monster. if you look up the definition, i mean that is what a monster is. >> leeboy and mohammed were linked to 27 shootings in the d.c. area. he is now serving a life sentence. he recently toll the washington post he was is a -- he is a changed man. >>> in just a
. in the meantime, one day, two crashes for amtrak. a chaotic scene as one train hits a big rig and derails, another train hitting another truck several miles away. >>> plus, bad enough when you're jammed into a seat at 30,000 feet. haven't we all been there? now some seats on american airlines' planes are coming loose during the flight. >> i think the faa needs to look at this incident, i think the aircraft owners and leaseholders need to look at this incident, and they need to get with american airlines' management and see what's going on. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios jenna: well, american airlines grounding eight of its jets after a row of passenger seats came loose on three recent flights. this has happened over the last couple days. the airline says the seats were not properly locked into tracks on the author of their 757s. the airline is already under some pressure as it gets ready to lay off thousands of workers as part of a bankruptcy plan. take a li
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)

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